Introducing this Exclusive Program with Bill Ringle

Attract Great Referrals

Join Bill Ringle for this month's unique program detailing proven strategies and step-by-step action plans that will help you take your business to the next level.
Bill Ringle, author of the upcoming book, "What Winners Say" and founder of the Rapid Rise Business Growth System™, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to connect with and do business with your ideal customers in record time, teaches successful business owners how to maximize their marketing and leadership by sharing best practices and powerful tools for accelerating profitable growth.

"The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity."

 Keith Ferrazzi

Join us on this content-rich program to learn about:

  • Avoiding the "networking doesn't work for me" trap

  • Creating questions that help you connect without feeling "pushy"

  • The point of view that makes referrals a triple-win

  • 5 key areas to be prepared for success with referrals

  • Many other ideas and tips

Have you ever noticed that some people get clients, friends, and other influencers to talk about, recommend, and refer, while other people, who might be just as qualified (if not more so), don't? 

It's an observable fact that makes a significant impact on one's book of business, since referred clients/customers/ patients have: a shorter buying cycle, less fee resistance, purchase more from your business, and purchase more frequently. Oh, and best of all, those who are referred are more likely to refer others.

Join us and learn the tips, tricks, and practices that can make referrals work for you.

Wednesday the 22nd
At 1:00 PM ET/11 AM PT

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What people are saying:


Great Content

"These teleclass sessions are great. Thanks for your suggestions. I know they will be very helpful as I get back on track with my business." – Lisa L.


Gets to the Heart of the Issue

"Bill Ringle gets to the heart of the issue right away. I am glad to be able to learn from the questions other smart business owners are asking and to learn from Bill's perspective and insights and how to quickly make the situation better." – Tom D.

Here are 3 Ideas for You

"Bill Ringle is able to take situations that I think are knotty and confusing and say, “Here are three things that you can do.” He then lays out a plan that is so simple and clear that it is easy to get moving in the right direction. And he exhibits a rare combination of being provocative and supportive all in the same breath." – Rick M.

Your Competitive Edge

"I wanted a competitive edge and I got it from a strategy session with Bill. I strongly recommend taking advantage of this opportuntity if you want to learn to get more business and make more money." – Tony H.

Positive Approach

"I like Bill's positive approach and outlook. He helps me get better in my business and I will help othres to get better on my team an that will ultimately help our clients get better solutions." – Patrick L.

Will Shorten My Sales Cycle

"I now know something that will help me get to the right customers faster and better. Thank you!" – Jim S.


Validated What I Was Already Doing

"This discussion really reinforced the way I go about business now. Plus, I know few new ideas now. I have a better understanding of how your company helps its clients succeed." – Anthony R.


Adapt to Succeed

"Your examples of real live client situations and meetings with prospects were great. I really learned a lot about flexibility and adaptability." – John B.


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